I guess this is what we call bad news for Republicans:

Ohio poll: Strickland, Brown lead GOP contenders

VERONA, New Jersey — A state-wide poll shows Democrats Ted Strickland and Sherrod Brown leading in their races against Republicans Ken Blackwell and incumbent Mike DeWine.

I said dayum!

Strickland 53%, Taftwell 37%

Brown 48%, DeWiner 39%

Somebody at GOP HQ must be calling out the Hazmat crew ‘cuz this shit is downright toxic holmes! I said got damn!

…but like my kind friends from the right keep reminding me, polls mean squat. It’s the elections that count. Damn…I sure can’t wait for the next referendum! How might the gay bashing ones seek to divide and conquer this time? Hehe. Bring it bitches!

PS: Sherrod Brown clearly thinks – and might be right – that blogs don’t matter. How else could you explain his utter disdain for us and resultant climbing polls numbers? I keep forgetting that nobody reads these things…

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