Update 2: Ring up them lawyers, son, cuz this ain’t over by a damn sight!

Update: OK, now that Karl is not “part of an ongoing investigation”, he should have his security clearance yanked. Assuming Karl has signed an SF312, it’s pretty clear that he violated his non-disclosure in confirming the identity of an agent to a reporter. How this behavior is acceptable to the “war on terruh” crowd is beyond me.

Seems to me that treason would be something that the flag-wavers would not support, right? Not today. Seems they are all going to celebrate political hardball over honor of country today. Noone in their right mind thinks Rove had nothing to do with the Valerie Plame outing. But we celebrate the fact that he won’t be indicted! Yeehaa! We win!

…while Rome burns.

So Scooter gets to be the fall guy and all is well…or is Fitz working on bigger fish? Nah, this one’s been bought and paid for. Another example of a culture of corruption and anti-American operatives getting their way BAMN. So you defended a treasonous scum-sucking political operative today…congrats right-wing world! I look forward to your celebrating the next -2% “bump” in your leaders approval!

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