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The poll is wrong. Whaaa!! Someone get the ORP a binky! You had to know this was coming. Don’t like where you sit in the polls? Attack the validity! Attack! Attack!

I wonder how bad they think Rasmussen is. SUSA just seems to confirm what Rasmussen told us back in May: Ted by 16!

It’s the old line: Polls are useless unless I are leading! LOL. So go ahead, attack all the polls. Then call for a recount when you lose by two digits. I got a message for brother Blackwell: You can run…but you cain’t hide! […]

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Ok, shakes down like this. While lefty blogs today talk about a complete 180 done by Mr. Ken Taftwell on his abortion position (BSB, PB), the wingnuts are all up in arms over a figure of speech. You know, when I say I will take you on anytime, anywhere? I probably don’t mean 3am GMT at the North Pole. But, by god, if that is what you say you want, then I FLIP FLOPPED damnit! LMFAO. I’m dyin’ over here.

Somebody get these guys some binkies. Do we see a pattern here?

Here’s the […]

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I guess this is what we call bad news for Republicans:

Ohio poll: Strickland, Brown lead GOP contenders

VERONA, New Jersey — A state-wide poll shows Democrats Ted Strickland and Sherrod Brown leading in their races against Republicans Ken Blackwell and incumbent Mike DeWine.

I said dayum!

Strickland 53%, Taftwell 37%

Brown 48%, DeWiner 39%

Somebody at GOP HQ must be calling out the Hazmat crew ‘cuz this shit is downright toxic holmes! I said got damn!

…but like my kind friends from the right keep reminding me, polls mean squat. It’s the elections that count. Damn…I sure […]

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Audio Moblog

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Delaware residents can call Representative Jon Peterson at 614-644-6711. The lines should be flooded today. Jon is also a member of the Ohio House Health Committee, which is hearing testimony today. Tell the staff you don’t support the radical extremist agenda of criminalizing a woman’s right to choose – even in the event of rape, incest, or the life of the mother is in jeopardy. Tell them you won’t support criminalizing family, friends, and others who may help a woman who has made the choice to terminate a pregnancy. Tell them HB228 is bad public policy. Bad for women. Bad […]

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Russell has a great post on Blackwell’s waffling on the abortion issue. This is very important as we have the hearings today and will no doubt have this issue come up again and again.

First he was for the TEL ballot initiative before he was against it, now he’s against all abortions except in the cases where he needs to say he “supports pro-life protections”. LMAO.

Flip Flop Waffler!

Here is what a true leader says:

U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland, Democrat:

“No. House Bill 228 is extreme and unconstitutional legislation that would criminalize all abortions, including cases […]

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Tiberi and Ney Give Good Irony

On June 13, 2006 By

Second only to sarcasm and metaphor on my list of ways to communicate, irony is indeed my friend.

Seems that Pat Tiberi and Bob Ney had a joint fundraising committee called “Good Government 2004“. Go ahead…laugh. I did. A disgraced and corrupt legislator and a rubberstamp follower team up to raise money under the guise of “good government”. Irony – you are my best friend!

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Tiberi: I’d Obey John Too!

On June 13, 2006 By

Caught this quote over at the Shamansky blog:

(Dispatch) U.S. Rep. Pat Tiberi, R-Genoa Township, who backed Bush over McCain in the 2000 primary, said McCain is ?the best shot the Republicans have? of winning in 2008. ?There?s still time for someone else to break out, but I think it?s his to lose.?

Why would Pat think that? Maybe it is because he thinks John is seen as a moderate and his rubberstamp support of Bush has been anything but moderate! The problem is, to win John will also have to go all wingnut on us…and already has. So […]

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Update 2: Ring up them lawyers, son, cuz this ain’t over by a damn sight!

Update: OK, now that Karl is not “part of an ongoing investigation”, he should have his security clearance yanked. Assuming Karl has signed an SF312, it’s pretty clear that he violated his non-disclosure in confirming the identity of an agent to a reporter. How this behavior is acceptable to the “war on terruh” crowd is beyond me.

Seems to me that treason would be something that the flag-wavers would not support, right? Not today. Seems they are all going to celebrate political hardball […]

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Ohio Learn and Earn on MTB

On June 13, 2006 By

As promised in the podcast, Ohio Learn and Earn was on Meet The Bloggers and the audio is really interesting. Great questions were asked and (I’m listening now) it sounds like a really good session.

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