Well, maybe Matt over at Lincoln Logs can figure out something else to predict. His poll bump didn’t happen. Americans, in fact, think things are probably going to get worse now. I must say, I chuckled a bit when I first read him almost jump for joy at reporting that Bush’s approval rating had gone up in some poll from 29% to 38%. LOL. You gotta celebrate something I guess and that’s about as good as it gets for a Republican in Ohio at the moment! “We don’t suck as bad as we used to! Whoopee!”

Alas, we find the most recent approval ratings at around…let’s see here…33%. Polled this weekend! Whoops. That would, uh…let’s see…be down from 35% in May.

What about the affect of killing Mr. al Zarqawi? Most Americans think attacks on our troops will either increase or stay the same. A mere 16% (some Lincoln Log readers possibly?) say they think attacks will decrease.

Predictions on what Matt might say now:

1. CBS news is horribly biased. Let’s give this some time until the Fox News polls come out!

2. 35% is still up from 28%, so we are seeing a general trend upward in the approval of this most awesome president!

3. Be honest, isn’t that dead head of al Zarqawi a beautiful thing?

…continue guessing in comments and we’ll see if we’re right.

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