Russell noticed earlier that it seems at least a couple Republican Congresspersons are doing a bit of whining:

Both Ney and Pryce are calling on their opponents to repudiate the outside groups? involvement in the campaign. Representatives of Kilroy and Zack Space, the Dover law director and Democratic challenger to Ney, said they can?t control the activities of their supporters.

Republicans Need a Binkie!

Then lo and behold I stumble across yet another article mentioning this same theme: Republican incumbents in danger of losing their easily won jobs whining that they are facing too much competition!

But Pryce acknowledges that Democrats and liberal interest groups could sway voters away by emphasizing her often partisan rhetoric as leader of the House Republican caucus.

“The enormous amounts of money they’re pumping into this race so far could make it very tight,” Pryce said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Repudiate outside group’s involvement – Whaaaa!!!
Liberal interest groups – Whaaaa!!!

Suck it up folks! It’s gonna be a looooong summer!

Oh, and speaking of “special interest groups”…check these out!

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