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Strickland Debate Challenge Accepted

Columbus, Ohio – Ohio gubernatorial candidate Congressman Ted Strickland today offered the following statement after learning that Republican candidate Ken Blackwell accepted his debate challenge.

“I am pleased that Ken Blackwell has accepted my challenge to participate in public debates across Ohio. This is a great victory for everyone in Ohio who wants a real discussion about the issues. Ohioans deserve honest and open debates about the kitchen table concerns that matter most in their lives, especially jobs and education. My Turnaround Ohio plan offers a clear and workable strategy to create jobs and improve our schools in Ohio. It aims to keep and grow the jobs we have by investing in Ohio’s strengths and to bring the jobs of the future by reforming education from pre-school through college – because in the future, the jobs will go where the workforce is best educated. My plan offers a stark contrast to Mr. Blackwell’s failure to offer anything more than gimmicks to our state’s shared challenges.”

“I have asked David Wilhelm, former chair of the Democratic National Committee and the manager of President Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, to work with the Blackwell campaign to determine dates, times and formats of the debates.”

David Wilhelm is the founder of Adena Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Ohio. He managed President Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign and served as chair of the Democratic National Committee.

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