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Whoops! No Zarqawi Bump!

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Well, maybe Matt over at Lincoln Logs can figure out something else to predict. His poll bump didn’t happen. Americans, in fact, think things are probably going to get worse now. I must say, I chuckled a bit when I first read him almost jump for joy at reporting that Bush’s approval rating had gone up in some poll from 29% to 38%. LOL. You gotta celebrate something I guess and that’s about as good as it gets for a Republican in Ohio at the moment! “We don’t suck as bad as we used to! Whoopee!”

Alas, we […]

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Want to see what almost 2500 lives looks like? Or maybe close to 100,000? You can in dowtown Columbus right now. Dave over at the Kilroy campaign sent me this touching video that gives you a glimpse into what the Eyes Wide Open project is about. In addition to the abortion ban hearing, this would be a good thing to come to Columbus for. I’m going to try to make it – ear infection and strep throat and all!

Enjoy this clip:

Music by John Fogerty

Eyes Wide Open site

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Russell noticed earlier that it seems at least a couple Republican Congresspersons are doing a bit of whining:

Both Ney and Pryce are calling on their opponents to repudiate the outside groups? involvement in the campaign. Representatives of Kilroy and Zack Space, the Dover law director and Democratic challenger to Ney, said they can?t control the activities of their supporters.

Then lo and behold I stumble across yet another article mentioning this same theme: Republican incumbents in danger of losing their easily won jobs whining that they are facing too much competition!

But Pryce acknowledges that Democrats […]

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via email:

Strickland Debate Challenge Accepted

Columbus, Ohio – Ohio gubernatorial candidate Congressman Ted Strickland today offered the following statement after learning that Republican candidate Ken Blackwell accepted his debate challenge.

“I am pleased that Ken Blackwell has accepted my challenge to participate in public debates across Ohio. This is a great victory for everyone in Ohio who wants a real discussion about the issues. Ohioans deserve honest and open debates about the kitchen table concerns that matter most in their lives, especially jobs and education. My Turnaround Ohio plan offers a clear and workable strategy to create jobs and […]

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What? The war is not over? The insurgents are not all dead? Aww, hell! CNN is reporting that a new leader in Iraq has been named for the Qaeda in Iraq network.

The Web sites identified the successor as Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Muhajer, which means “the immigrant,” implying he — like the Jordanian al-Zarqawi — is not Iraqi.

Hmm. Not Iraqi? Now I wonder what event could have caused these foreign fighters to have entered Iraq? Anyone got any guesses? Here’s a clue.

Meanwhile, the article goes on to report, more than two dozen are killed in new […]

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The Studebaker campaign seems to be on a roll lately. The latest is an endorsement from Congressman Tim Ryan. via email:


Today Congressman Tim Ryan endorsed Stephanie Studebaker?s campaign for Congress in Ohio?s 3rd District. Stephanie is a mother, Veterinarian, and lifelong resident of southwest Ohio.

Over the course of the last year the 3rd District?s largest metro area experienced the second highest job loss in the nation. Congressman Ryan endorsed Stephanie because he knows we need a real change in leadership to stem our job loss in Ohio. Congressman Ryan said he was […]

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