From the monthly archives: June 2006

Been swamped trying to get ready to attend my company’s annual meeting in Lexington, KY. Feels good to get a week of golf, good eats, fine bourbon, bourbon barreled beer, and texas holdem. I also have the added benefit of officially becoming a partner with equity! Woot! I have lots of things in the queue that I want to say and should get time once my feet hit the bluegrass.

Until then…

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Rumsfeld, reporting to the President and to the Cabinet, says, “Today, Three Brazillian soldiers were killed in Iraq.” The President buries his face in his hands almost swearing, “Oh, my God!”

The entire Cabinet is stunned. Usually George Bush shows no reaction to these reports.

Then, Bush looks up and asks, “How many is a brazilian??”

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Please reserve the date and join me and others for a special showing of An Inconvenient Truth.

The Delaware County Democratic Party will present a special showing of Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” at the Strand Theater on July 14, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. Mark your calendars and join us to both view what I’m hearing is the must see movie of the summer and support your local party! Not only that, but you get to do it in the historic Strand Theater in bustling dowtown Delaware! The Strand is truly a great place to watch a film and […]

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Pullins Redefined (Hilarious)

On June 24, 2006 By

OK, we all know how Rick Santorum’s last name was redefined. If you don’t, find out. Jess Hess comes up with an equally amusing remixed definition of the term “pullins”:

pullins (PULL-ins) n. 1. Those annoying little pieces of toilet paper that stick to your penis after you clean yourself up following a group masturbation session?

I raise my pint of Guiness and say to Sir Jeff: Brilliant!

My week of laughter is complete. See ya’ll next time!

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Better Ted Than Red Promo

On June 24, 2006 By

Eric talks about the Better Ted Than Red T-shirt promo brought to you by Plunderbund and Get your free T-shirt today!

First 3 to call get free T-shirts. 614-448-3332. Remember to leave your name and email or phone number so i can contact you at the beginning, then leave your comment/rant/words of wisdom. I reserve the right to not qualify a call. For example, if you just say bob johnson at and then say “blah”…that will most likely go in the trash bin and not qualify.

If you don’t want to call in or there […]

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Live From DelCo Senior Expo

On June 23, 2006 By

Light blogging due to doing some tabling work for the DelCo Dems at the Delaware County Senior Expo. Great amount of interest in the Dem table and I’ve already had some very interesting discussions with a few people.

Several Republicans have stopped by and indicated they are voting for Ted Strickland. The reasons have been varied and range from vague to what I feel might be widespread opinion:

“I like him”
“Ted seems like a good guy”
“I looked at his profile and I like him”
“I can’t vote for Blackwell”

The most interesting was a conversation […]

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Kosola and Ohio

On June 23, 2006 By

If you ever need to know anything about why and how the big box blogs can be dangerous to us right here at home, go read Russell’s piece on the Ohio Kosola connection. Absolutely spot on post that nails it all. All of this went down as I started blogging and it stunk to high heaven. If we don’t each police this type of shit here in Ohio, it will continue to happen and muck up our state. If we take it head on and not stand for it, we can keep it under control. We all deserver better to […]

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A blog post recently put up adds to the strangeness and odd nature that is the Scott Pullins experience.

Here are some of the facts: Scott is bald and advertises for Gay Adoption on his blog.

Now let me be clear here. I don’t have anything against gays or bald guys. Hell, I was bald once…the shaven type. I’ll probably adopt that look again. With shades you look like a real bad ass, but I’m getting off topic here…

What these facts will do, however, is continue to stir up the whispers that have been going around for […]

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OK, maybe now that it is on Fox News all the idiots will believe it as well.

WASHINGTON ? It has been 2,000 years and possibly much longer since the Earth has run such a fever.

The National Academy of Sciences, reaching that conclusion in a broad review of scientific work requested by Congress, reported Thursday that the “recent warmth is unprecedented for at least the last 400 years and potentially the last several millennia.”

A panel of top climate scientists told lawmakers that the Earth is heating up and that “human activities are responsible for much of […]

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Polling on this Senate race has been all over the map, but the latest Zogby shows Brown opening up a double digit lead. I’m not sure if this will translate into voting percentages – OK, I’m quite sure it won’t – as it is probably mostly a sign that rank and file conservatives are not at all happy with DeWine. The question will be if they will sit it out or come back to the fold around late September.

I do feel that Sherrod’s messaging has been much better and he seems to be abandoning some of the […]

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Update: A quick Google search reveals that a whole slew of wingnut bloggers and sites fell for this one. Too funny!

LMAO. This is just funny I don’t care who you are. Santorum (ya, the one who is currently getting pounded in his race) holds a presser today along with Pete Hoekstra of Michigan to claim that WMDs had indeed been found in Iraq! Say what?

Santorum: Document Shows Saddam Had WMDs

And guess what folks? The RAB kiddos fell for it. Hook. Line. Sinker:

Submitted by Alo Konsen on June 21, 2006 – 10:16pm. Democrats […]

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