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LMFAO! Values! Get yer family values here!

(hat tip C&L)

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OK, after damn near 90% pick rate on day one round one, things have fallen off a bit – fallen hard thanks to the Big 10! My first round overall numbers were 26 of 32 correct, or 81.25%. Not a bad showing, but if the Big 10 doesn’t completely BLOW it – yes you Michigan State and Iowa! – I have a much better overally percentage. These two teams cost me dearly as I had them both in the Elite 8.

For Round 2, I got waxed. 8 of 16 for 50% pick rate. Iowa, Xavier (how close was […]

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JIT Deliver: Noe Trial

On March 17, 2006 By

Sweet. 3 months of focus on corruption before the election! Toledo Blade:

A Lucas County judge this morning set an Aug. 29 trial date in the criminal case against Tom Noe, the former Toledo area coin dealer accused of stealing millions of dollars from two rare coin funds he managed for the state.

How are Republicans going to get this thing delayed (pardon the pun)?

Judge Thomas Osowik set the trial date over the objections of Mr. Noe?s attorney, John Mitchell, who said the defense would need ?a lot of time? to review the estimate half-million pages of […]

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Update: Audios are up. Get them here. Have fun!

Yesterday was really fun. I got 14 of 16 picks right in the first day of the NCAA Tournament – I mention that yet? Like 87.5% or something like that? OK, good. There was that, and then there was Meet The Bloggers – Columbus Scotty McBean Style. I made an attempt to live-blog it, but found that difficult to do while you attempt to listen to other questions, responses, and formulate your own line of questioning.

So here are my thoughts on the evening. You’ll be able to hear the […]

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…or maybe yes? Even Republican strategists think so:

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Paul Hackett was on Big Eddie yesterday. I heard it while driving down to MTB in Columbus. Paul was very positive and is trying to help other IAVA candidates in their races. He was in DC raising money for the PAC. He also pounds the administration in a way only Paul can. Paul picks OSU to win it all (same as me). Ed calls him a “homer”, but I hope Paul is right because I’ll too look like a genius! His favorite spaghetti western: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.


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March Madness Update

On March 17, 2006 By

I did not do bad at all yesterday. of the 16 first day first round games, I picked 14 correctly (87.5%):


Duke over Southern – right
GW over WNC-W – right
A&M over Syracuse – right
LSU over Iona – right


Indiana over SD St. – right (whew!)
Xavier over Gonzaga – wrong (this one hurt…had them in Elite 8!)
Alabama over Marquette – right
UCLA over Belmont – right

Washington, DC:

Washington over Utah St – right
Illinois over Air Farce – right
Seton Hall over Wichita St – […]

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Subodh Chandra Background Check

On March 17, 2006 By

Subodh continues to demonstrate his leadership by making the following announcement. I like the ring of the “people’s attorney” approach and love the transparency of this move. Anyone doubt Subodh will work in the interest of the Ohio people as the next AG? The campaign is offering to send this information to me via CD and I have taken them up on it (and suggested they send the big file via – more info. when I get that)

via email:

Chandra to Provide “Background Check” to His Prospective Employers

Press Conference Announcement:
The Ohio Statehouse
Southeast […]

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MTB Live Blog: Bob Shamansky

On March 16, 2006 By

7:00pm – Russell asks about Iraq. Bob: Gotta fix the government. Blunder got us in…bungle as we’ve been there.

Tim asks about Bob’s background…he starts at birth in 1927 and is going from there – LOL. Funny. Bob talks about his many travels and how it has helped him see things differently. Been to 87 countries!

7:19pm – George asks about his strong economic footing idea on his website. Bob talks about Medicare Part B not being able to buy in bulk. Bob knows…he’s eligible!

7:39pm – Bob talks about how his age relates to the campaign and why […]

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MTB Live Blog: Zack Space

On March 16, 2006 By

OK, liveblogging sucks. I will add stuff if something is exciting…but will be on the shoutbox too.

6:08pm – talking about Iraq war. Zack wants phased pullout, but Iraq and Middle East is critical to our national security. Using arrogance of power will not work. Need a new way of handling Iraq.

6:20pm – talking abortion as it relatest to stem cell research. Zach has a good view. pro-choice, but takes life very seriously…basically respects pro-life views and thinks their energy should be directed toward preventing unwanted pregnancy.

6:30pm – Asked the mfg. job question. Globalization is here to […]

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MTB Live Blog: John Swords

On March 16, 2006 By

John Swords is up first today. Comment or shoutbox your questions.

Campaign site (needs work, yeah):

4:42pm – bio, etc.

Russell – asks about Iraq. delicate situation. need to pull out. sent in on misleading pretenses. out 100% in 4 years….but not immediate.

follow-up: how is training troops different from vietnam? john says iraq more committed to democracy.

Russo asks about his peaceful partition idea. john not that familiar…Tim tells him about it. john agrees the division is happening. john says he supported war in 2003 based on what was given. he trusted the administration…would have voted […]

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