OK, after damn near 90% pick rate on day one round one, things have fallen off a bit – fallen hard thanks to the Big 10! My first round overall numbers were 26 of 32 correct, or 81.25%. Not a bad showing, but if the Big 10 doesn’t completely BLOW it – yes you Michigan State and Iowa! – I have a much better overally percentage. These two teams cost me dearly as I had them both in the Elite 8.

For Round 2, I got waxed. 8 of 16 for 50% pick rate. Iowa, Xavier (how close was I on THAT one! Thanks refs!), and Mihcigan State all were first round losses that also cost me second round picks.

But the team that hurt me that worst was the good old Buckeyes. It’s a rule from now on. I will give the Big10 zero love. I mean zero. And wtf is up withi Kansas dropping two first round games in a row!??

I will say this, my Kentucky team shut up millions of people by: 1. Beating UAB when everybody and their amateur brother was picking this upset. and 2. Playing UConn closer than ANYONE (me included) might have thought.

Lots of good basketball to go and what have we learned so far? Don’t pick against 1 seeds or 2 seeds unless they are from the Big 10. One 7, 8, or 9 seed will get hot and play like a 2 (Wichita State).