Does this get old or what?

(from PD Openers):

President Bush hasn’t said a word yet in his appearance at the City Club of Cleveland, but at least one member of the “citadel of free speech” already has a beef with him.

Long-time member Walt Nicholes said the City Club is breaking from tradition by not allowing members to line up at the microphone to ask questions. He said City Club officials at first said members who wanted to ask a question would be picked from a lottery, but now they say Bush will call on people from the floor.

Such a format won’t allow for true variety of questions, Nicholes complained.

“How’s he going to see me in the back?” Nicholes asked, noting that the tables closest to the podium are filled with corporate leaders likely sympathetic to the president.

Nicholes said he was prepared to ask the president about the growing national debt and what he thinks the impact of trading oil in Euros instead of U.S. dollars would have on the stock market.

P.S. So how tight is security in the Grand Ballroom, which has squeezed tables in every available inch of space short of the bathrooms?

Guests will have to eat fast, because the caterers have been instructed to remove all eating utensils by noon.

— Mark Naymik

LMAO! What, so people don’t throw forks and knives? What a fucking charade of leadership we have today. Truly pathetic!

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