Ten Facts that Show White House Incompetence Hurts Ohio

In response to President Bush’s speech at Cleveland’s City Club, Sherrod released the following 10 facts that show how the White House’s incompetence hurts Ohio.

1. Ohio has lost more than 175,000 manufacturing jobs since 2001 (Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services)

2. Ohio has lost 49,866 jobs due to NAFTA (Economic Policy Institute)

3. Ohio has lost 58,000 jobs to China between 1989 and 2003 (Economic Policy Institute)

4. As of January of this year, home heating costs were expected to increase by 74 percent throughout the Midwest, with gas prices increasing 33 percent in Ohio since May of 2004 (Energy Information Administration – U.S. Department of Energy)

5. 229,000 Ohioans have lost their employer-sponsored insurance since 2000 (Kaiser Family Foundation)

6. An estimated 674,792 of Ohio’s Medicare beneficiaries still lacked sufficient prescription drug coverage as of mid-February, with only two months until the enrollment deadline (Kaiser Family Foundation)

7. Ohio college tuition increased nearly 70% since the 2000-2001 school year (Ohio Board of Regents)

8. Ohioans have spent more than $9 billion dollars on the war in Iraq (National Priorities Project)

9. Ohio local law enforcement has suffered $11,879,471 in funding cuts under the Bush administration (DHS)

10. The Bush administration wants to cut 25 % for first responders in FY 2007 (White House Budget Proposal)

Update: Brown was also on the Ed Schultz show and responded to the speech there. Audio below.

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