Bush will be in Ohio today (just watched AF1 take off on CNN Pipeline a bit ago). He’ll be asking that we “look beyond the violence“:

President George W. Bush will mark the third anniversary of the Iraq war in Cleveland on Monday by asking for patience.

The president will be speaking at the City Club about the war in Iraq and the war on terror.

You can watch the president’s speech live on ONN.

Bush is hoping to boost public support by getting Americans to look beyond the violence.

It’s the latest in a series of speeches, and the White House said it will highlight specific reasons for optimism.

Meanwhile, Cheney visits Columbiana County to go quail hunting. Just kidding. You were ducking though right? It’s just a luncheon:

Cheney is attending a luncheon for congressional candidate Chuck Blasdel. He faces four other Republicans in the May primary for the 6th Congressional District seat currently held by Democrat Ted Strickland, who is running for governor.