Remember “The Long War“? Voinovich whips it out today to prep the crowd for the Bush visit:

(from PD Openers): Be patient and keep up the good fight: That’s George Voinovich’s message this morning as Cleveland awaits President Bush’s speech on the war on terror.

“If we’re not successful in Iraq, then it’s a threat to the security of the United States of America and will make homeland security effort a lot more vulnerable,” the Ohio senator told the Fox News Channel this morning.

“The war’s going to last a long time,” Voinovich, a second-term Republican, said. “It’s the fourth world war. The third world war was the Cold War, and Osama bin Laden in 1998 declared war against the United States of America, and they have made up their mind that they’re going to take over that part of the world, they’re going to take over the Ottoman Empire. Once they get that done, they’re going to go on and takeover the rest of the world.

“I think America should understand that Iraq is just one of the battles we’re going to fight and that we’re going to have to be vigilant for a long, long period of time if we’re going to secure our homeland.”

Can someone answer me a very simple question? How is the war in Iraq helping our national security? Really? Or conversely, how is NOT being successful in Iraq a threat? You could argue that it is because of what Republicans have now created over there, but you can’t argue from the position that there was a threat before we invaded. They are a bit stuck on this one.

The next question one might pose of these long war idiots is whatever happened to all the happy talk about how bad ass our military is and how quickly we’d be done with this war? Going on three years, fellas. Maybe it’s time to talk to the Soviets about wars in the Middle East? Not much happy talk coming out of them these days. It’s mostly just CYA assholes and elbows. Keep it up guys! Kinda amusing from where I sit! Gotta love George V’s domino theory though – how tired is that? The Muslims are gonna gethca! Boo!

The fact of the matter is Republicans have not a clue about what is happening in Iraq – or even Afghanistan for that matter. They are just holding on and tying knots at the ends of their ropes.