I did not do bad at all yesterday. of the 16 first day first round games, I picked 14 correctly (87.5%):


Duke over Southern – right
GW over WNC-W – right
A&M over Syracuse – right
LSU over Iona – right


Indiana over SD St. – right (whew!)
Xavier over Gonzaga – wrong (this one hurt…had them in Elite 8!)
Alabama over Marquette – right
UCLA over Belmont – right

Washington, DC:

Washington over Utah St – right
Illinois over Air Farce – right
Seton Hall over Wichita St – wrong (boy, was that wrong!)
Tennessee over Winthrop – right


Montana over Nevada – right (that’s both 12-5 upsets, thanks)
BC over Pacific – right (whew!)
UWM over Oklahoma right
Florida over S Alabama – right

Xavier was the only game to hurt me really as I had UT beating Seton Hall in the next round anyway. Today I mostly have favorites but for NC State beating Cal. Should be fun!