Paul Hackett was on Big Eddie yesterday. I heard it while driving down to MTB in Columbus. Paul was very positive and is trying to help other IAVA candidates in their races. He was in DC raising money for the PAC. He also pounds the administration in a way only Paul can. Paul picks OSU to win it all (same as me). Ed calls him a “homer”, but I hope Paul is right because I’ll too look like a genius! His favorite spaghetti western: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.


MP3 File

  • Hackett says it like no one else can.

  • Eric

    Yeah, would some of this stuff NOT be better to have said on a Democrat campaign trail? What a loss of a truly great and powerful voice…

  • It still incredibly sad. What a waste of an opportunity.

  • I like that movie, too.

    And maybe you’re right about OSU. You were right about Texas A&M and Montana.

  • PaulinOregon

    We in Oregon did not get to hear Hackett; somebody at the local station (or at Clear Channel, who owns the station) decided not to use Hackett but to rerun an old Ed Schultz show.


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