…or maybe yes? Even Republican strategists think so:

(hat tip C&L)

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  • I think 3 of the top 4 words used by voters to describe President Bush in the last Pew Research poll that came out this week were: Incompetent, Idiot, and Liar.

    Incompetent was number one. My personal favorite was Idiot.

  • Eric

    I think Ed makes a key point: There are those in the administration who are very good at duping (my word) the American people into winning an election for them…but are very, very bad leaders once they get the job.

    I think the American people are figuring this out slowly, but surely. Our goal should be to win again and then demonstrate how to lead. If we can’t do that, it will be a revolving door of pick your party. The party that can (we have a better shot of good governing once in) will have a chance to lead for some time. I think Americans are starved for it.

  • Instead of just focusing on the culture of corruption, Democrats should be focusing on them being competence in governance. Americans are craving that.

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