OK, liveblogging sucks. I will add stuff if something is exciting…but will be on the shoutbox too.

6:08pm – talking about Iraq war. Zack wants phased pullout, but Iraq and Middle East is critical to our national security. Using arrogance of power will not work. Need a new way of handling Iraq.

6:20pm – talking abortion as it relatest to stem cell research. Zach has a good view. pro-choice, but takes life very seriously…basically respects pro-life views and thinks their energy should be directed toward preventing unwanted pregnancy.

6:30pm – Asked the mfg. job question. Globalization is here to stay, but there is hope…Russell jumps onto this question as well. Some great discussion here…need some protectionist measures…need fair trade instead of free trade…basically he hasn’t given up on mfg jobs…but we need to shift our trade policies.