John Swords is up first today. Comment or shoutbox your questions.

Campaign site (needs work, yeah):

4:42pm – bio, etc.

Russell – asks about Iraq. delicate situation. need to pull out. sent in on misleading pretenses. out 100% in 4 years….but not immediate.

follow-up: how is training troops different from vietnam? john says iraq more committed to democracy.

Russo asks about his peaceful partition idea. john not that familiar…Tim tells him about it. john agrees the division is happening. john says he supported war in 2003 based on what was given. he trusted the administration…would have voted for the war.

I asked whether we are in civil war in Iraq…John says no, but it could lead to that and the administration is scared of that.

George aks about eduction. John says congress cut college loan funding. John will be going into law if not elected. Back on education. R&D important and companies coming in important to allow people to stay here and work here.

Brian from OH12 blog: you are young…why are you doing this? John: i believe in the american dream and want to see others have that opportunity. Brian follows up with the age question again. Ted Strickland said might as well do it. John is 25.

George asks about renewables. John: biodiesel huge…solar and others should be pursued. ethanol as well. should be big for Ohio. would like to see an RPS – portfolio. Ohio could supply alot of places with green technologies. can be done within ten years.

Russell: how do we pay for programs like education when we raise the budge ceiling and how can we balance that with foreign policy. John: roll back tax cuts…bush’s tax cuts were wrong.

Renee in Ohio asks about family budgeting and tax cuts. John: money in hand feels good. Dems don’t get the message out well. Not meeting with people and not telling them how it is. Need to relate to people on their terms.

…i stopped paying attention for a bit…doh!

I ask about religion. John is Methodist. Will not campaign overtly on religion, but will share it if asked.

Russell asks about RON…John wanted it to pass. Said it was confused by Republicans. I added it was also confused by Dems. Russell asks what needs to be done with elections. John: would support publicly funded campaigns.

Tim asks about NCAA. Then about law school…how will you do bar if in the race. Will still take it. John is 3-0 in his picks thus far. St. John’s screwed me…