7:00pm – Russell asks about Iraq. Bob: Gotta fix the government. Blunder got us in…bungle as we’ve been there.

Tim asks about Bob’s background…he starts at birth in 1927 and is going from there – LOL. Funny. Bob talks about his many travels and how it has helped him see things differently. Been to 87 countries!

7:19pm – George asks about his strong economic footing idea on his website. Bob talks about Medicare Part B not being able to buy in bulk. Bob knows…he’s eligible!

7:39pm – Bob talks about how his age relates to the campaign and why he is running. He is personally moved to change our leadership and is stepping up to do so. Tiberi is a clone for Bush and Delay.

7:42pm – Russell asks about the culture war. Bob talks about being a member of 3 congregations. Discusses rights for gays. Talks about gays in military…makes a funny point.

7:55pm – Bob talks about how impressed he is with what we are doing with MTB and the Internet and how different things are. His being here he says demonstrates that he recognizes the changing times.

…heading home.