As usual, Jon Stewart and company put together some pretty biting commentary using both satire and irony. Last night’s segment with Paul Hackett is no exception and should be a wake up call to Dems when it comes to real leadership and change in this state and country.

Thanks much to onegoodmove for getting this up!

Also worth checking out is commentary by Dave Nalle over at

As for the election in Ohio, gun-grabbing tax and spender Mike DeWine is one GOP Senator I would shed no tears over seeing booted out of office, but while Hackett would have been a marked improvement, a hack like Sherrod Brown really has very little to offer. I suspect that between the negative reaction to their betrayal of Hackett and Brown’s tedious mediocrity the Democrat bigwigs have blown a chance to gain another seat in the Senate, and I’m not weeping for them either.

Yep, another R who would’ve voted for Paul. Strange how that happens. I’m thinking we might not see this mistake made again…or will we? How freakin’ hard would a primary have been afterall? With these two guys, a primary was a win-win situation. What happened was very much the opposite!

PS – For any Brownies who might show up…let me remind you who is currently 16 points down. Thanks.

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