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From a statement via email by Bryan Flannery:

Congressman Strickland hired a friend and political prot?g? on the taxpayer?s payroll who has plead guilty, on at least four occasions, of exposing himself to children in public parks and school grounds in the Athens Ohio area.

Uh…damn! Heightsmom should really love this one! I look for the endorsement here soon. Seriously, why? No such thing as bad press? Flannery/Stams is gonna get hammered one way or another. I’m wondering how this will affect this!

(full statement in extended)


Congressman Ted Strickland, a candidate for Ohio Governor, said from his early years in the ministry he developed empathy ?for neglected and abused children.?

However, Congressman Strickland hired a friend and political prot?g? on the taxpayer?s payroll who has plead guilty, on at least four occasions, of exposing himself to children in public parks and school grounds in the Athens Ohio area.

Following the admission of guilt by the Congressman?s prot?g?, Mr. Strickland put this individual on the public payroll in his congressional office, then had him serve as his Campaign Manager in his reelection effort, before returning him to the federal payroll, in his congressional office, as a Special Advisor.

Following that campaign, the Congressman and his prot?g?, according to sources, reportedly vacationed in Italy.

It would appear the Congressman is a master of ?politician talk? or perhaps, he is just confused about where he stands on children?s issues.

In a recent request for the public records of Congressman Strickland?s associate, in the Athens County court system, it was discovered that most of the records have disappeared or are not retrievable.

Today I am sending a letter to the Athens County Prosecutor, Mr. C. David Warren, to see if he might know what happened to the vanished records and who may have had a hand in the disappearance of the records of Congressman Strickland?s associate.

Consistent with this behavior, Congressman Strickland, answered ?present, but not voting,? on a House Congressional Resolution #107, in 1999, which stated ?Expressing the sense of Congress rejecting the conclusions of a recent article published by the American Psychological Association that suggests the sexual relationship between adults and children might be positive for children.? Days following the vote, Congressman Strickland repudiated 355 of his colleagues for their affirmative vote on this resolution by addressing the House of Representatives and stated, ?We ought to have the decency not to vote to condemn something until we know what it is we are voting to condemn.?

No other member of the Ohio congressional delegation supported Congressman Strickland?s position on this vote, in fact, only 12 other members voted as Congressman Strickland did and none condemned their colleagues? vote as the Congressman did. The record of this vote may be viewed on the website.

Then just last week the Congressman told a group, that he had met with privately, he would upon his election as Governor, institute a program to ?hire ex-convicts for state government positions? replacing law abiding citizens. The Congressman told the group he was a former prison psychologist.

In a fundraising letter to his fellow psychologists entitled ?Ted Strickland as Governor?, the letter stated, ?As a profession, psychology has many goals. Imagine what a difference it would make if Ted Strickland were Governor.? We can only ?imagine what a difference.? The letter was signed by among others the Congressman?s wife, who was quoted as saying, ?The voters are looking for someone who can put warmth back into politics.? The voters of Ohio are looking for leadership, not psychological counseling.

Many psychologists from around the nation have made substantial contributions to the Congressman?s campaign for Governor.

What is Congressman Strickland really about?

At age 65 and with his years of public service the Congressman should have a better understanding of how Ohioans feel about their children and family values.

Today, I call upon Congressman Strickland to explain his behavior and stand on children?s rights and family values given his record which certainly does not support or protect our children and families.

My Lieutenant Governor running mate, Frank Stams and I both are married and have children. Protecting the children and families of Ohio will always be the top priority for a Flannery-Stams administration.

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  • Betsy McCall

    Seriously, Bryan needs to back this up with some facts. Its hard to argue one way or the other without details.

  • Who is advising Flannery? This is crap so foul that none of my city park buddies would soil public grounds this badly — with or without baggies available.

    Guard Dog prediction: Look for the GOP’s wingnut “values” brigade to beach their Swift Boats of 2004 and break out their own garbage scows on Ted.

  • There’s more in the PD but the real story unfolding here is what Petro, Taft and O’Reilly are doing to Judge John Connor.

    Check the Dispatch today on the GOP vs. Connor and look for the scud missles from the Right Wing Noise Machine to paint all Dems (especially Ted) as soft on child molestors.

    Given the dirt in their primary, they are desparate to splash mud on Strickland, who has the odd habit of trying to address issues this year.

    You heard it first from the Dog…

  • I cross-posted this comment at Buckeye State Blog:

    It’s called expungement, Bryan. It’s completely legal for a person to have their conviction record sealed. It’s not unusual or illegal as Flannery suggests. The records aren’t missing, they’ve likely been sealed by a court order. Of course, if they have been sealed, the Athens County Prosecutor cannot even tell Mr. Flannery that it’s been sealed. In other words, the prior convictions, case numbers, etc., no longer exist. Flannery is trying to make it sound like there’s some illegal conspiracy in the Athens County court system when there’s a completely legitimate reason why he can’t corroborate his smear.

    I love the “according to sources” which of course are unnamed so we have no way of knowing their credibility or their possible motive.

    And who’s this Strickland protege? And who says this *former* campaign and congressional staffer was Strickland’s protege? Where is this coming from???

    All Flannery has is that an unnamed, former Strickland staffer who according to unnamed, anonymous “sources” (I bet source) has allegedly has a criminal record that cannot be confirmed by examining the official public record.

    I thought Bryan Flannery was supposed to be the candidate of ideas??

    I’d also like to add that the GOP has been running this smear for years and Ted has continued to get 70% of the vote in a Republican district.

    Bryan Flannery: Is he really OUR candidate?

  • Spirit

    I am sorry to hear that you choose to back friends of child sexual abusers. Modern Esquire should be more careful when choosing who to defend and who not to. If you knew anything about the honesty and integrity of Bryan Flannery you would not doubt his words so quickly. I would ask sir or madam when the truth comes out that these so called tales prove to be fact then what will your words be? “Oh! I knew it all along” ha ha ha. I will then have the last laugh on yet another person who has doubted Bryans’ integrity. I would like to say to all of the ones who have tried to shed light on Strickland and his disgusting choice of friends, and if you ask how I know them to be friends then I will ask you to explain their fond trips to Italy! Oh! By the way Anthony is one of the best communications advisors I have met. So Please throw dirt in another direction because Bryan will always do his best to protect the children and families in Ohio. He has our vote. I want my babies to have a future and a good one!


    Friends of child sexual abusers? Maybe you can elaborate on the facts that Flannery didn’t give us???
    ModernEsquire is simply questioning what we HAVEN’T been told. You, on the other hand, are alleging facts with implications that Congressman Strickland is a friend of child abusers. INTEGRITY?

  • Dan

    I am a college student and met Strickland when I was in the fifth grade. He and I have kept in touch over the years and I consider him a personal friend. Accusations and smears such as these are completely unfounded. Mr. Strickland is an upstanding man who has represented my district with integrity. I hope and pray that Flannery will follow his lead and allow the voters to choose their candidate on the issues and ideas rather than smear tactics.

    Lets leave the trash for the gutter. If I’m a college student and can realize this is not what people want, hopefully Mr. Flannery can as well.

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