From the daily archives: Wednesday, March 15, 2006

File under: Damn!

From a statement via email by Bryan Flannery:

Congressman Strickland hired a friend and political prot?g? on the taxpayer?s payroll who has plead guilty, on at least four occasions, of exposing himself to children in public parks and school grounds in the Athens Ohio area.

Uh…damn! Heightsmom should really love this one! I look for the endorsement here soon. Seriously, why? No such thing as bad press? Flannery/Stams is gonna get hammered one way or another. I’m wondering how this will affect this!

(full statement in extended)

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As usual, Jon Stewart and company put together some pretty biting commentary using both satire and irony. Last night’s segment with Paul Hackett is no exception and should be a wake up call to Dems when it comes to real leadership and change in this state and country.

Thanks much to onegoodmove for getting this up!

Also worth checking out is commentary by Dave Nalle over at

As for the election in Ohio, gun-grabbing tax and spender Mike DeWine is one GOP Senator I would shed no tears over seeing booted out of office, but while […]

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