I made a great discovery tonight while perusing a going out of business sale at a mall record store. Both this store and a video entertainment store were liquidating…hmmm. Anyway, I came across a bluegrass tribute to Led Zeppelin and just could NOT pass that up. I am a big fan of bluegrass – hate country – but bluegrass is really fun music.

The band is Iron Horse, and I recommend checking out their other stuff, but this album is a must have! You should put it on kinda low at your next party and see if anyone recognizes it – heh. Uh oh, just noticed they have a Metallica tribute – hah…wow. This is a great sneaky way to introduce people to bluegrass. Check out the Black Sabbath Paranoid sample on the sample page – I think I just found a new hobby.

OK, sleep beckons…

Take a listen:

MP3 File

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