Larry puts things in a context that we can all understand:

If it looks like a civil war, sounds like a civil war, and has casualties like a civil war it is probably a civil war. Now, imagine that these kinds of attacks continue to be the daily routine for the next thirty days (as it has in Baghdad for the last month)…

…My point is this, until we understand what is happening in Iraq in terms of what those events would mean if they happened in the United States, we are living with the delusion that Iraq’s troubles are caused by grumpy reporters who just want to focus on the negative.

Larry has also commented pre-emptively on Bush’s feel good speech:

It is time for George Bush to stop with the upbeat campaign speeches. Iraq is not a problem because of bad public relations. It is a threat because of bad policy, inadequate understanding of the cultural and religious dynamics that drive the county, and a failure to clearly define what U.S. interest (or interests) we are pursuing there. The good news is that our current Ambassador and military leadership in Iraq understand the peril. It is time for the President to wake up and catch up.

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