hint: It’s not jumping up and down and yelling impeachment.

I had a late night (damn bluegrass tributes) and Tim got me thinking way early for being up until 2am. But think we should, about the strategy in Iraq. While the Kos Kiddies (as Tim calls them) get all nutty over impeachment and crashing the freakin’ gates, he’s busy thinking of ways to actually win. The idea? A Peaceful Partition of Iraq.

The lesson is the former Yugoslavia. Tim speaks from a bit of experience, as anyone who reads Democracy Guy will know.

So go read his ideas at BSB and do some thinking. Next question you’ll ask is: why aren’t national Dems taking this course? Answer: lack of real leadership.

I think this is a reasonable course to take and not only politically – it of course makes sense politically as a real case can be made at this point with the American people that “Bush broke it”. The next line on the bumper sticker needs to be: “We’ll Fix It”. Vote Democrat. But from a strategic standpoint, it is also a good idea. There is no amount of “Free and Democratic Iraq” preaching that will solve the natural divisions that exist in Iraq:

Iraq Demography

Breaks out pretty evenly to me…third slices. Good thinking Tim. Hope this gets on the radar screen. Impeachment is an instant loser. The bottom line is that argument is a direct cousin of “stolen elections”, “swift boat unfairness”, and a plethora of jumping up and down that is simply the result of losing an election – no matter the Rovian tactics. Continuing this line of thinking is being reactive, which should become radioactive! Get busy and lead Dems…and you can win an election too and then be the change you want to see. Give up the censure crap, Americans will see that as political sniping. By advocating a winning strategy in Iraq you can accomplish all the things you want without the risk of blowback.

“Bush Broke It – We’ll Fix It”

So let’s do this.


More than 80 dead in apparent reprisal killings

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Authorities said at least 86 bodies were found in the Iraqi capital during a 30-hour period ending midday Tuesday, sparking fears that sectarian reprisal killings are continuing at a grisly pace.

Sectarian killings ring a bell?

Update 2: Can we spin this? You BET we can!

Bush: Iraq turning away from ‘the abyss’

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The Iraqi response to sectarian tensions created after the bombing of a Samarra mosque in February gave hope to the dream of a free, democratic Iraq, President Bush argued Monday.

“The situation in Iraq is still tense, and we’re still seeing acts of sectarian violence and reprisal,” Bush said in a speech in Washington. “Yet out of this crisis, we’ve also seen signs of a hopeful future.”

The attack on the Al-Askariya Mosque, one of the holiest sites to Shiite Muslims, was meant to ignite a civil war between Iraqi Shiites and minority Sunnis, Bush said, but “the Iraqi people made their choice. They looked into the abyss and did not like what they saw.”

“Iraqis have shown the world that they want a future of peace,” Bush said.

It’s as if George is now starring in “Breakfast Club” and is saying, “Can you describe the ruckus?”. George, where might we find this hopeful future? Is it under here? Nope, not here. Is it over here? Nope, not over here. Kinda like your WMDs. The American people sure can’t find it:

Sending troops into Iraq was a mistake – 57%

Things going badly in Iraq – 60%

Bush has no clear plan for handling Iraq – 67%

If I remember correctly, this is a mandate against the war in Iraq and how it is being handled. No, it is a strong mandate – 52% is a mandate! Maybe some of my wingnut friends can come over and pick the poll results apart. LOL.

Then of course the brilliant Harry Reid lets him off the hook:

“I would rather that he had spent his time focusing on how to form a government in Iraq. That is what is badly needed,” Reid said.

Brilliant! Bush can now go, “Hey look, a government…cya!”. Nice Harry!

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