From the daily archives: Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Larry puts things in a context that we can all understand:

If it looks like a civil war, sounds like a civil war, and has casualties like a civil war it is probably a civil war. Now, imagine that these kinds of attacks continue to be the daily routine for the next thirty days (as it has in Baghdad for the last month)…

…My point is this, until we understand what is happening in Iraq in terms of what those events would mean if they happened in the United States, we are living with the delusion that Iraq’s troubles […]

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Iraq: Pick A Winning Strategy

On March 14, 2006 By

hint: It’s not jumping up and down and yelling impeachment.

I had a late night (damn bluegrass tributes) and Tim got me thinking way early for being up until 2am. But think we should, about the strategy in Iraq. While the Kos Kiddies (as Tim calls them) get all nutty over impeachment and crashing the freakin’ gates, he’s busy thinking of ways to actually win. The idea? A Peaceful Partition of Iraq.

The lesson is the former Yugoslavia. Tim speaks from a bit of experience, as anyone who reads Democracy Guy will know.

So go read […]

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Whole Lotta Bluegrass

On March 14, 2006 By

I made a great discovery tonight while perusing a going out of business sale at a mall record store. Both this store and a video entertainment store were liquidating…hmmm. Anyway, I came across a bluegrass tribute to Led Zeppelin and just could NOT pass that up. I am a big fan of bluegrass – hate country – but bluegrass is really fun music.

The band is Iron Horse, and I recommend checking out their other stuff, but this album is a must have! You should put it on kinda low at your next party and see if […]

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