His most resounding applause came when he talked about Bush’s commitment to the war in Iraq.

“To retreat now, before the job is done . . . is something this president will not allow,” he said.

“We were right to remove Saddam Hussein from power, and the world is a safer place for our actions.”

He praised the Iraqi people and said that nation’s economy has improved and that “the terrorists are turning on each other.”

“As long as America stands with them, the Iraqis will reject terrorism,” he said.

Now Turd Blossum, we all know this is a place you should not be going and probably won’t be going the closer we get to elections. It is clear the people of Ohio and the United States are not with you on this. Give it up. Did you by chance see that new poll? LOL. Break out the God, Guns, and Gays anytime old boy! Damn I wish we had someone running with Ted who could win…

More comments from BSB on a Blade article about the same trip.

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