Shamansky for CongressA new site has been launched for the Bob Shamansky for Congress campaign. The site is based on open source software and includes a blog, calendar, and soap box (which I’m new to). There is a link to ActBlue, which is being used as a way to manage contributions. Bob’s theme is “Honest Leadership for Central Ohio”. Though a bit bland, this is a good way to pound on the culture of corruption without overusing that now much overused phrase.

After spending some time talking to Bob, I really came away liking the guy. Yeah, he’s older, but like he told me when I asked if age would be an issue: “I sure hope so!”. The guy’s got spunk and deserves our support for stepping up after having represented this area before. Make no mistake, Bob is as unhappy was we are about the way things are going and he’s got the energy of us 30 something’s to do something about it – oh, and the cash!

Note: This Thursday we’ll be interviewing Bob as part of the Meet The Bloggers series. Bob is one of three on the slate for that day – busy day! See details here.

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