from email:

Dear Supporter,

I’m pleased to announce that several important organizations have recently endorsed my candidacy.

The Hardin County Democrats voted unanimously to endorse last week. The United Steel Workers of America, Local 2L, in Akron, also voted overwhelmingly to endorse, noting that “When you are in trouble, as Ohio is, you need a skillful, intelligent, and experienced lawyer-not just a politician with a law degree.

In addition to these endorsements, the Athens County Democratic Party took a straw poll over the weekend. The results show that 74 percent of Democrats in Athens County support my candidacy. Please see the press releases below for more information on these endorsements.

I have also earned endorsements from the Cleveland Stonewall Democrats (see press release below), the Tri-County AFL-CIO, the International Union of Painters and Allied Tradesman, and former Ohio Governor and former U.S. Ambassador to India, Richard Celeste. As you can see, support and excitement for my candidacy is growing.


Subodh Chandra

(my emphasis)

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