I referenced this quote below related to the poor polling of Sherrod Brown, inferring of course that Hackett was our guy:

This is not a time for a candidate who will offend no one; it is time for a candidate who takes clear stands and kicks ass.

But I think you really need to read the whole damned thing. Print it out. Pass it out. Put a magnet to it and stick in on the fridge. Tape it to your freakin’ forehead. And don’t forget it!

Especially this:

I am tired of having the party nomination decided before the first primary vote is cast, tired of having the party beholden to the same old Establishment money.

Remind anyone of anything?

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  • Betsy McCall

    What do you think of the Householder non-investigation.

    The persistence in so many so-called progressive blogs in ignoring GOP scandals while bashing Dem candidates continues to puzzle those of us who are Ohio liberals.

  • Eric

    Betty, I support the Republican corruption of course :-\

    This begs the question as to how we beat the bastards by sabotaging our own, installing establishment Dems, and then trail in the polls by 16 freakin’ points!? Dontcha think?

  • Eric,

    It is extremely sad to read Molly Ivin’s article after Hackett left the race but I want every Brownie to read the article because maybe just maybe they would understand why Hackett was always our guy.

  • Eric

    They never will…and by the way, I hear you are a phoney Dem. LOL!

  • MRC2000

    What’s the point of knowing why Hackett was your guy now? You read Thomas’ book on RFK? Good explanation on why he was my guy in ’68, but I doubt you care. Future, folks. Future.

  • Eric,

    I am a phoney Dem? What are you talking about.

    Maybe you mean it as a joke…I hope.

  • Eric


    The point is that everything we have been saying online – and off really – is being vindicated. That the crap that was pulled was not helpful, but hurtful to our chances in Sen06. I do care why RFK was your guy in ’68…just wasn’t around then.

    I’m all for the future, but the point – my point – is that Dems screwed our future by pulling the shit they pulled. Thanks for stopping by, but I hope you get that point. They cost us the Senate race…I just hope Ted doesn’t get drug down too.


    Surely a joke. Read some of Betsy’s comments!

  • Eric,

    Got it…all this time I did not know what LOL meant until some one told me just now. Now if only some one could tell me what ROFL means. Can you?

  • Spot on, Eric! By pulling the good ol’ boy routine we may now have another 6 years of DeWine (the next 2 complete with his lips stuck to someone’s arse).

  • Eric

    thanks gratis! Dr, Rolling On Floor Laughing. Then there is LMAO and LMFAO…among others!

  • Americain

    Betsy, we don’t need to bash Sherrod, he does a right good job of it himself. His is the clumsiest, tone deaf and most inept campaign I’ve ever seen.

  • Betsy McCall

    Just checking in:

    You still don’t have any details about the “poll” you’re linking to.

    You still don’t have a problem with Larry Householder getting off scot-free with what was one of the most corrupt machines to ever operate in Ohio government? And you also apparently think its ok to look the other way and let the Householder crimes be covered up?


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  • I agree with NixGuy. Hackett definitely could have pulled out a Wellstone and won the damn thing or at the very least energized the party setting up wins for Democrats across the board.

    Let this be a lesson for the DSCC. Don’t interfere with primaries. Let democracy prevail.

  • Americain

    They won’t learn anything Doc, they’ll pat themselves on the back for a job well done and when they fail miserably they’ll simply play musical chairs with the same people. Yay team!!

  • Please, please, please my fellow Democrats, go to all Virginia blogs and tell them not too make the same mistake in Virginia and elect the “party insider” when the outsider is the one who can win the general election.

  • thegools

    I am here in Virginia and am baffled that the “powers that be” would want Hackett out. Who the hell knows about Brown outside of OHIO!! …but you can be sure tons of people were following and rooting for Hackett (& would give money and time).

    It is still March, why don’t you convince Hackett to get back in and get Brown out? It sure would be more fun and you might actually get Hackett in the Senate.

    Support public election financing.

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