She had to know the money thing was going to bite her right in the ass. Oppo in full effect at this point. From PD Openers:

Congressional candidate Capri Cafaro, who joked in a campaign ad about legally changing her name to “shopping center heiress,” actually changed her name to “Capri” as a teenager.

The future politico was called Janet (pronounced Jan-AY) at birth by her parents, but found that name too close to that of her sister, Renee, and her mother, Janet, whose name is pronounced more conventionally, says spokesman Vic Rubenstein.

Rubenstein says Cafaro’s friends began calling her “Capri” when she was about 13, and that she legally changed it as a teenager, before attending college.

“She just got the nickname Capri from her friends, and nobody seems to know how that happened,” Rubenstein explained.

Cafaro, who seeks the Democratic party’s nomination for the congressional seat currently held by Sherrod Brown, was a colorful youngster, if early press clippings about her are to be believed. While attending a July 1986 “Money Management Camp for Kids” at the luxurious Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, she was mentioned in the New York Times, St. Petersburg Times and on ABC’s “World News Tonight.”

“My name is pronounced JanAY,” Janet Cafaro of Youngstown, Ohio told the St. Petersburg Times. “And, yes, my father is rich.”

The article continues: “Janet-pronounced-JanAY, 10, made a grand entrance at the Breakers Thursday wearing hot-pink shorts, hot-pink socks, and hot-pink shirt, all infested with rhinestones and sequins. Her eyes were hidden behind rhinestone Madonna sunglasses. She wore Elvis Presley rhinestone collar tabs. She had sequins on her sneakers.”

When ABC reporter Al Dale asked young Cafaro “What does having money mean?” she replied: “Well, it means you have power. It means you can do mostly whatever you want with it.”


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