I blogged about this earlier and asked people to put some effort into opposing it and sending message to legislators. The bill, HR 4167 – or “National Uniformity for Food Act”, passed after heated debate. This was a step backward on food labeling and was fought for hard by the food industry.

The only Ohio legislator who stepped up and voted against this was Sherrod Brown. Kudos to Sherrod for doing so. I’m really glad he did. Sherrod continues his tradition of looking out for the regular guy and I have to give credit where credit is due. I only wish he and his campaign had not pulled the BS they had or I’d be a huge Brown fan.

Those voting FOR the “Uninformed About My Food Act” were (from Canton Rep):

  • Ralph Regula, R-Bethlehem Township
  • Bob Ney, R-Heath
  • Ted Strickland, D-Lisbon
  • Tim Ryan, D-Niles

Strickland and Ryan in some pretty bad company there…

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