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via RWN:

Have you ever wondered whether anyone in Congress actually reads blogs? Well, wonder no more, because that question has now been definitively answered. Below you’ll find a list of nine members of Congress and the blogs that they regularly read and/or have their staffs monitor for them.

…Congressman Bob Ney: Althouse, Ankle Biting Pundits, Beltway Blogroll, Blogs For Bush, Buckeye State Blog, Captain’s Quarters, The Corner, Daily Kos, Eschaton, Expose the Left, The Fix, GOP Bloggers, The Hotline’s Blogmeter, Hugh Hewitt, The Huffington Post, Instapundit, Lincoln Logs, Little Green Footballs, Michelle Malkin, MyDD, Ohio 2006 Blog, Plunderbund, […]

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(pinned to the top) — Just a quick reminder to anyone who wants to come out and have some pints and talk some lefty politics. Delaware Drinking Liberally will meet at 7:00pm at the Old Bag of Nails. There is a ton of stuff to talk about including the new ODP Victory Squads, the ongoing Delaware County Grassroots Campaign, and the upcoming opening of a permanent home for the Delaware County Democratic Party (I’ve seen the plans and some recent photos and this place is going to be great – right in the heart of downtown Delaware!).

What: Delaware Drinking […]

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A Message From Subodh Chandra

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(from Renee via BSB and Howard Empowered People)

Help Me Become the People’s Lawyer

Ask the right question and the answer is “Chandra”

By Subodh Chandra

The other day, I am embarrassed to report that with my wife out of the house, I lost one of my triplet two-year olds in our own home. He disappeared. I couldn’t find him anywhere. With the other two corralled in another room, I wandered about the house calling out his name and he wouldn’t respond. I started to worry. “What if he fell down the laundry chute? What […]

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“How many of you have children in this illegal and immoral war…” I’m left wondering what I would do if I found myself in a setting where those responsible for something I disagreed with so vehemently? What would you do? Would we just sit there or would we have the guts to stand up and speak out? The powers that be rely on groupthink to control us…

…and she wants more money for it.

(hat tip C&L)

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I blogged about this earlier and asked people to put some effort into opposing it and sending message to legislators. The bill, HR 4167 – or “National Uniformity for Food Act”, passed after heated debate. This was a step backward on food labeling and was fought for hard by the food industry.

The only Ohio legislator who stepped up and voted against this was Sherrod Brown. Kudos to Sherrod for doing so. I’m really glad he did. Sherrod continues his tradition of looking out for the regular guy and I have to give credit where credit is due. […]

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She had to know the money thing was going to bite her right in the ass. Oppo in full effect at this point. From PD Openers:

Congressional candidate Capri Cafaro, who joked in a campaign ad about legally changing her name to “shopping center heiress,” actually changed her name to “Capri” as a teenager.

The future politico was called Janet (pronounced Jan-AY) at birth by her parents, but found that name too close to that of her sister, Renee, and her mother, Janet, whose name is pronounced more conventionally, says spokesman Vic Rubenstein.

Rubenstein says Cafaro’s friends began calling […]

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Notorious UAE Follow-Up

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Still willing to tell me this is not Bush separation for November and into ’08? They won’t need him anymore and W will become dispensable. What they do need is to hold on to power and the only way I see them doing that in any unified fashion is to continue to force separation from the Prez. Via CNN:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Congress sent its first shot across President Bush’s bow Wednesday, as the House Appropriations Committee voted 62-2 to block a controversial deal that would allow Dubai Ports World to operate some terminals at U.S. ports.

This just […]

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