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Sulzer, Redfern call on Ney to resign if named in Abramoff investigation

Democratic candidate, Ohio Democratic Chair say corruption case distracts Ney from working for Ohio

COLUMBUS ? With Jack Abramoff’s attorney threatening to “name names,” Democratic Congressional Candidate Joe Sulzer and Ohio Democratic Party Chair Chris Redfern called Tuesday for Bob Ney to resign immediately if named in the corruption probe. Sulzer said that the Abramoff case has distracted Ney from performing his duties as a Congressman.

Abramoff’s attorney said Monday that the disgraced lobbyist would “name names” and “provide the public with evidence” of Abramoff’s cooperation in the federal government’s case [i] ? in which Ney has widely been identified as “Representative Number One.”

“When Jack Abramoff ‘names names,’ Representative Number One will likely be first on the list,” Sulzer said. “That is why I am calling on Bob Ney to resign immediately if Jack Abramoff names him. The ongoing investigation of Ney’s corruption is keeping him from doing the job that we elected him to do.”

Ney has already spent more than $100,000 in legal fees and established a legal defense fund in an attempt to defend himself in the corruption probe. [ii]

“We sent Bob Ney to Congress to protect our jobs and uphold our values,” said Chris Redfern, Chair of the Ohio Democratic Party. “We didn’t elect him to take golfing trips to Scotland, wine and dine with corrupt lobbyists, and raise money for his legal defense fund.

“We need a Congressman who can focus on the needs of Ohio, instead of raising money for his mounting legal defense.”

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