Update: Scott from Word of Mouth cuts through the crap pretty quick and makes a brilliant post about why MTB is so important.

Chris Geidner started it with this post, pointing out a comment made by Jill in this post (I know, blogger internal politics – yawn – but there is an important larger point to this). Jill writes about the MTB with Bill Pierce: “I particularly enjoyed a lengthy, substantive off the record conversation with Pierce and Tim Russo after the interview.”

Chris takes this to mean they talked about stuff that everyone should have been privy to given it is Meet The Bloggers and the purpose is to present all interviews without editing so the listeners can decide based on the total context. First problem: THE INTERVIEW WAS OVER! Get that? Good.

Then Chris posts again, comparing what appears to be apples and oranges to me and rips Russo again without appearing to have any real sound logic in doing so. Kos does try to sway mass opinion and does so without hiding it. There are legitimate questions there that don’t relate to whether or not Markos has OTR conversations with politicians – of course he does. Those questions might relate to someone saying “Crash The Gates”, but then turning on a true grassroots candidate and backing the establishment guy after ads have been placed and jobs have been handed out to friends. See the difference?

Of course, lead Russo-hater HeightsMom joins in the dogpile, says Chris hits the nail on the head. I’m yet to find hammer or nail. I could almost hear her over her morning coffee: “Eww…some dirt on Russo. Oh joy!”. No matter if it all smoke and mirrors.

Then we get Henry Gomez at the TechLink “weblog”, who joins in despite the fact that his own “blog” doesn’t allow comments. So much for accountability. I can’t even comment and say his piece is BS – how’s THAT for blogger ethics. Cleveland.com weblogs – where dissent is just not allowed no matter what potshots we throw out there. Lovely. Earth to Henry: Jill uses the word “teaser” in the title to hype the now posted audio clips on MTB. Please pay attention! You also miss the point badly about the comment that Chris should join the MTB process instead of throwing cheap shots. The point is if Chris wants to be a part of the conversations AFTER THE INTERVIEW IS OVER, then he should attend and be a part of it. He could then wrestle with his own ethics whether or not to blog about something that was asked to be off the record. The only thing MTB ever promised was to bring people the one hour of unedited and unscripted interviews. I don’t think they fail in this one bit. Henry, you are welcome to come too – you’re a semi-blogger.

Listen, the original piece was a Seinfeld post, as was the follow-up. One big heaping pile of nothing. The larger issue is a lesson in how blogs work. They tend to be self policing and I think this one is being self policed as we speak. I hope Chris will learn from it.