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Harris a near-miss target on September 11th in New York

Zanesville, Ohio (March 8, 2006) ? Republican primary challenger James Brodbelt Harris, CFA, averted being a target on September 11th, 2001 since he was scheduled on that day to attend his late afternoon Corporate Governance Committee meeting held at the New York Society of Securities Analysts? (NYSSA) headquarters at the World Trade Center. Though he nearly missed being targeted by Arab terrorists by approximately 8 hours, Harris recalls, ?I was not a victim of terrorism on September 11th, but many Americans have had and will have close calls with our horrific enemies, and we must remain vigilant about fighting terrorism.?

Seriously. Who cares? This has to be the pure zenith of using 9/11 for political gain. But rumor has it Joe Sulzer was actually on board flight 93 and was able to fight off two terrorists and jumped out of the plane just before it crashed and landed in a cornfield. Bitches!

PS – If you constantly use your middle name – Brodbelt – in every single – Brodbelt – sentence of every single – Brodbelt – thing you write or put – Brodbelt – online…I begin to tune you out. He uses his middle name alot, how cute. Reagan Republican indeed. I’m gonna go out on a limb and bet the guy has sported a bowtie from time to time.

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