BSB points us to an article at the Dayton Daily News, where Lieberman shoots straight on endorsing in primaries – especially this year:

Q: Did the state party made a mistake in endorsing Rich Cordray over Hugh Quill?

A: I would have preferred no endorsement and letting a primary resolve it. You have two qualified people.

Q: Really? If you were state chair, you would not endorse in primaries?

A: I would try not to. I think we have to re-evaluate how we’ve done things in the past (given the party’s failures). And this is a unique year.

In the past, we often didn’t raise as much money as Republicans (and therefore might not want to spend money in primaries). But this year we can be very competitive on money. A primary can be good exposure (when you have) two great candidates.

Rich Cordray is a great candidate. And Hugh has been a leader among treasurers in the state.

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