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from Sloat at PD:

Ohio Democrats, led by their Secretary of State candidate Jennifer Brunner, appear to be preparing a court fight to overturn a new state law that forces voters to show some kind of ID to cast a ballot.

The requirement takes effect June 1, but would not really come into play until the November general election.

Brunner is a former Franklin County Common Pleas Court judge who wants to succeed Ken Blackwell as the state’s top election official. Last weekend, she told a roomful of party regulars at a candidate;s forum in Clermont County that requiring IDs at the polls is a Republican effort to intimidate voters loyal to her party, and said she would sue to stop it.

”It’s voter discrimination, it’s voter suppression” Brunner said. ”I will be fighting in court to make sure it doesn’t happen.”

She said those most affected will be the poor, residents of nursing homes and college students, whose campus identity cards aren’t legal IDs under the new law. A driver’s license will work, as will a paycheck, bank statement, utility bill stub or any government document with a name and address.

Brunner said Blackwell and the Republicans stopped Democrats from voting in 2004 in order to help President Bush carry Ohio, and that the new law is designed to help them hold the state in 2006.

”Ken Blackwell did everything he could to stop people from voting,” she said.

Props to Brunner for leading the fight on this one.

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