(no…not really)

I guess I must have missed this. Sorry I don’t have the audio!

from Cleveland Scene – First Punch:

Jerry! Jerry!
The Democratic Party puts the D in dysfunction. Which makes it strangely appropriate that Sherrod Brown and Paul Hackett would settle their feud on Springer on the Radio.

After taking a paternity test to prove that he was not the father of Juanita’s illegitimate child, Congressman Brown tried to quash the beef with Hackett, who accused Brown of being a snitch and running his mouth about mishandling body parts in Iraq. Fashizzle.

“I’ve never spoken about it and I won’t speak about it,” Brown said, while assuring Springer that his crew, B-Unit, did not diss Hackett.

Brown also gave love to the streets and suggested that Democrats should make raising the minimum wage a signature campaign issue — a move sure to please Springer’s largely unemployed fan base. “Come out and vote for a raise for yourself,” Brown said. “That’s the message we need.”

That, and “Snitches belong in ditches.” B-Unit!

Hilarious! B-Unit. Instant classic!

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