While combing through emails, how great was it to get this one! From Cassie Gaffney of the Sulzer campaign:

As many of you i’m sure have seen. There was a posting on BSB today that criticized Space for accepting support from local BOE’s. I was notified this afternoon that the post existed, and not only that but had previously been posted at MyDD as well. After reading comments on both posts i felt it was an appropriate time to send an email out to all of my blog contacts that explains to you what exactly Joe’s campaign policy on staffers posting entries and comments on blogs.

? No member of the campaign staff, other than me, will be submitting comments, or posts on any blog (except our own). My user name on BSB is SulzerForCongress – i like to keep it pretty straightforward.

? I will only post diaries that concern our campaign, I will not post entries that attack, or spread rumors concerning our primary opponents.

? I will always indicate that I am campaign staff when submitting posts or comments on any blog.

Our campaign is focused on returning ethics to Congress. Because of that and the basic values that we all share, we are not running this campaign in an underhanded, secret, and negative way.

Thanks for taking a moment to read this, its unfortunate that it even has to be said in the first place but such is life.

…uh yeah….that this even needs to be said is sad. Thank the Sherrod Brown camp for that.

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