Ah, finally back in blog mode. The weekend away was great. Read more about it here if you like.

Just catching up a bit, I notice the Sulzer site is finally up and live. Poking around a bit, I really like the landing page being first with an opportunity to sign up to stay informed. This is a great way to grab email addresses right off the bat. The site is simple with a nice rural midwestern theme. Everything appears pretty easy to find – good work guys!

I want to thank Drew from robot-invasion.com for posting about Kicking Grass and also putting a banner up on the site.

Looks like more wheels are coming off over at the Brown campaign. No big surprise there. BSB reports Drew Tappan is out…and Groan Ohio continues to, well…do what Groan Ohio does – which is pretty much sit there.

There are also rumblings about the Dann campaign, but nothing specific. Chandra appears to continue humming along, especially in terms of raising money. This is a guy worth getting behind and I’m still a bit puzzled as to why ODP didn’t. No, wait, it’s very clear why they didn’t.

ODP launches the Victory Squad concept, which despite the Star Wars logo is a great idea. They’ve already been actively recruting folks and have contacted me about grassroots stuff in DelCo. Hopefully the sqauds will come to also have the power to get grassroots candidates endorsed by ODP as well. I hope this concept flourishes. I encourage everyone to pick a job and sign up.

So, back in the saddle again. Hola everyone!

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