(Toledo Blade):

BOWLING GREEN – Wood County Democrats broke from state party leaders last night, resoundingly backing attorney general candidate Subodh Chandra in an endorsement meeting that was equal parts Iowa caucuses and Hoosiers…The county party’s executive committee voted to endorse Mr. Chandra, a former federal prosecutor and Cleveland law director, 97-23, over state Sen. Marc Dann.

The article talks about how they interview candidates and part of the process is the candidate showing up. This process is commendable and should be the way county party endorsements should work. Strickland did not show, but sent his wife and still picked up the endorsement 63-41. He’s that strong.

Subodh on the process:

“This is an exciting event because it’s a grass-roots event,” Mr. Chandra said before the speeches began. “It’s not a lot of pooh-bahs who purport to speak for others. It’s the others.”

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