Remember my argument that Republicans could and would use the ports deal to separate themselves from Bush? Today’s Dispatch:

“Since 9/11, Congress has invested millions of dollars to strengthen our nation?s seaports, and has called for comprehensive security improvements costing billions more over the next decade,” Pryce said at the start of the hearing.

“Selling the management rights of these ports to a foreign interest undermines the confidence Americans have in their leaders.”

Damn, did she just out 9/11 the master?

Update: Clinton (Bill) advises DPW how to handle the controversy and also calls UAE “a good ally to America”. Whoops – distance from Bush and fire up anti-Clinton feelings in the base. There goes that one!

  • Hey, it’s just a preview of her strategy for holding on to the 15th. “9/11, 9/11. 9/11,9/11 9/11, 9/11. Thank you.” All those “Security Moms” that they’ve imagined up in Arlington, whatever part of Dublin isn’t in the 12th, and all up and down the west side, well – they’ll just eat it up, right? You were right last week – they’ll build their own security profile on it, while keeping themselves away from that scary 34% monkey their boss has hanging on his back.

  • AmberCat

    I’m hoping the 34% monkey will go lower. Remember that polling was done BEFORE Dubai World Ports was on peoples’ radar.

  • FlackJackett


    all dubai would own is the land, buildings and cranes. PERIOD.

    They are not allowed to even touch the cargo (that belongs to the Longshoresman Union) or even open it. Customs has the final say so as to what leaves the area, and BY LAW the company can’t even open the containers or touch them.

    Everything that is inside a container is the responsibility of the SHIPPER. The BOAT that it is on radios the manifest to US CUSTOMS four days ahead of schedule before they make port.

    ANYTHING that is supsicious the US COAST GUARD goes out and boards the ship AT SEA.

    ANY container that is removed by the LONGSHOREMANS UNION is the responsibility of the US CUSTOMS and only they have the power to inspect further and release it.

    I would not be oppposed to having an AMERICAN be the head of the DP PORTS, but this is GLOBAL ECONOMICS 101 where companies get eaten up all of the time and this was a BRITISH COMPANY they bought out and their management team will remain in place.

    FINALLY, Port Management is NEVER briefed on Customs Security measures, they just own THE LAND, THE BUILDINGS, and the CRANES–NOTHING ELSE.

    If “Super-Spook” John Negroponte or Colin Powell ain’t worried about it, this Democrat ain’t either.

  • Eric

    Flack. I’m not all riled up. If you’ll notice other posts, you’ll see that I don’t see this as that big of a deal from a practical standpoint. Now from a political standpoint it is MUCH more of a big deal. Do you think average Joe American is going to get your little Global Economics 101 lesson after having “EVIL DOERS” pounded into their heads nonstop for 5 years? I doubt it.

    This is a big deal. You chill.

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