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This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb

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Nightly funny: (hat tip HFA)

Those crazy kids. Seems a unique band name has caused a bit of civic strife at OU:

Bomb squad determines suspicious item does not pose a danger

ATHENS, Ohio (March 2, 2006) — A bomb squad from the Columbus Fire Department completed its assessment of a suspicious item at the Oasis restaurant, corner of University Terrace and Park Place, and determined the item did not pose a danger.

At approximately 5:30 a.m. today, an Ohio University Police Department officer observed a bicycle chained in front of the Oasis with a message on […]

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You might notice the new button just under the tip hat – Kicking Grass…and taking names. If you are in Delaware County and would like to help build the grassroots of the party right where you are, I urge you to click the button and fill out the form you’ll find there. This is a chance to be the change you want to see in Ohio (apologies to Ghandi).

If you are not in the county but know others, please point them here.

If you are a blogger, I’d appreciate it if you could include something on this so […]

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I’m telling you, it is getting hard to keep up with these dumbasses. Dispatch: Blackwell?s Web site lists Social Security numbers:

A link on the government Web site of Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell contains hundreds of Social Security numbers and birth dates on public documents stored there.

The personal data are listed on nationally standardized forms submitted by citizens and corporations could be mined by any identity thief with Internet access.

I wish I were kidding. Even worse, was the response:

Because the forms are public documents, the secretary’s office is bound by law to […]

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Remember my argument that Republicans could and would use the ports deal to separate themselves from Bush? Today’s Dispatch:

“Since 9/11, Congress has invested millions of dollars to strengthen our nation?s seaports, and has called for comprehensive security improvements costing billions more over the next decade,” Pryce said at the start of the hearing.

“Selling the management rights of these ports to a foreign interest undermines the confidence Americans have in their leaders.”

Damn, did she just out 9/11 the master?

Update: Clinton (Bill) advises DPW how to handle the controversy and also calls UAE “a good […]

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