Wow. Sit down. The spin on this one is intense. Sherrod Brown is the victim of smears by Hackett and his supporters. Anyone recognize this technique? Sounds very Bush/Rove/Orwellian to me. Accuse the other side of precisely what it is you did to them and claim the high ground. Give me a -bleep- break! Hey, i’m in a good mood and family friendly today. So I didn’t really need this, yet here it is:

Wearing Thin: Hackett a victim of Dems’ disgusting commitment to winning in November

Terry Smith in The Athens News posits that we Hackett backers should calm down. I guess Terry missed the kitty thread over at OH02 and the fact that things were beginning to calm down. Hah. You just stirred up the hornet’s nest, now didn’t you?

There is way too much wrong with this to go into a great deal of detail (my carpel tunnel is acting up), but right off the bat:

Hackett’s candidacy likely would have goosed the state GOP’s conservative base into actively supporting DeWine, someone they’re otherwise not crazy about.

OK, maybe Smith was too busy making fun of Major Fury to notice the number of Republicans – and even conservative Republicans – who called in saying they would have voted for Paul. He wouldn’t have goosed them, he would have, uh to borrow a phrase, “neutralized” them.

But Brown won’t antagonize or stir up the conservative base…right. I’m sure they would just ignore what will likely be a constant jumping up and down about Brown’s liberal record in late October. Yeah, screw the moderate DeWine, teach him a lesson by letting that ultraliberal guy win – what? say what? ultraliberal? shit…can i get a ride to the polls?

This is more a case of pulling strings in an effort to lose. The strings were pulled primarily due to rank and everyone knows it. The smear campaign rests squarely on the shoulders of the Brown campaign, and Sherrod is responsible. Brown has the political firepower to find out what really happened and come clean, but he won’t. He’s waiting for us all to forget and forgive and forge ahead. Maybe we will. Maybe we won’t. Maybe we don’t even matter. I dunno. What I do know is it is a mightly spin job to turn this whole thing into a “poor Congressman Brown is getting smeared” campaign. Horeseshit is what it would be. I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but you might ought to keep the fucker in the barn. (family hour didn’t last long, huh?)

(hat tip David at UAPA, who buys the bullshit hook, line, and sinker)

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