Wow. Sit down. The spin on this one is intense. Sherrod Brown is the victim of smears by Hackett and his supporters. Anyone recognize this technique? Sounds very Bush/Rove/Orwellian to me. Accuse the other side of precisely what it is you did to them and claim the high ground. Give me a -bleep- break! Hey, i’m in a good mood and family friendly today. So I didn’t really need this, yet here it is:

Wearing Thin: Hackett a victim of Dems’ disgusting commitment to winning in November

Terry Smith in The Athens News posits that we Hackett backers should calm down. I guess Terry missed the kitty thread over at OH02 and the fact that things were beginning to calm down. Hah. You just stirred up the hornet’s nest, now didn’t you?

There is way too much wrong with this to go into a great deal of detail (my carpel tunnel is acting up), but right off the bat:

Hackett’s candidacy likely would have goosed the state GOP’s conservative base into actively supporting DeWine, someone they’re otherwise not crazy about.

OK, maybe Smith was too busy making fun of Major Fury to notice the number of Republicans – and even conservative Republicans – who called in saying they would have voted for Paul. He wouldn’t have goosed them, he would have, uh to borrow a phrase, “neutralized” them.

But Brown won’t antagonize or stir up the conservative base…right. I’m sure they would just ignore what will likely be a constant jumping up and down about Brown’s liberal record in late October. Yeah, screw the moderate DeWine, teach him a lesson by letting that ultraliberal guy win – what? say what? ultraliberal? shit…can i get a ride to the polls?

This is more a case of pulling strings in an effort to lose. The strings were pulled primarily due to rank and everyone knows it. The smear campaign rests squarely on the shoulders of the Brown campaign, and Sherrod is responsible. Brown has the political firepower to find out what really happened and come clean, but he won’t. He’s waiting for us all to forget and forgive and forge ahead. Maybe we will. Maybe we won’t. Maybe we don’t even matter. I dunno. What I do know is it is a mightly spin job to turn this whole thing into a “poor Congressman Brown is getting smeared” campaign. Horeseshit is what it would be. I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but you might ought to keep the fucker in the barn. (family hour didn’t last long, huh?)

(hat tip David at UAPA, who buys the bullshit hook, line, and sinker)

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  • Hackett?s candidacy likely would have goosed the state GOP?s conservative base into actively supporting DeWine, someone they?re otherwise not crazy about.

    To borrow a phrase from “Major Fury”, Terry needs to “put down the crack pipe”.

  • Eric,

    What facts do you have to support this statement . . . “The smear campaign rests squarely on the shoulders of the Brown campaign, and Sherrod is responsible.”?

    Second, are you really saying that the Brown campaign placed this opinion piece in the Athens News to “spin” the controversy? You really don’t believe that it could actually be the opinion of the author of the piece?

    If that is the case please provide some proof.

    I disagree with your comment that I “buy the bullshit hook line and sinker”, if I were to say the same about you regarding Hackett’s position in these matters would that be a fair commentary.

    My primary point is and always has been we need to focus on the race against Mike Dewine not this Democratic circular firing squad. To that end I feel compelled to “fight back” (OK, offer an alternative opinion)to the campaign against Sherrod Brown in a few of the blogs because I think that it is important to our country to take back the Senate or at least change the current ratio of Dems to Republicans.

    As I’ve said to you before, we can agree to diagree on this, but I rather be arm in arm together with you fighting against Dewine.


  • Eric

    Well, there is clear evidence of the “Paul’s a Republican” thing. The email was posted online. Phil was guilty as charged of spreading what I would view to be a false smear, ie that Paul is really a Republican.

    Now, consider that along with the fact that a whisper campaign did indeed exist – as many have said it did – and there is enough circumstantial evidence that there was a smear campaign going on to discredit Paul.

    What I’m saying is that Sherrod is responsible for what comes out of his campaign. He also has the ability to get to the bottom of it, clear it up, and move on. I haven’t seen that happen – just a staffer quietly go away.

    No Dave, of course I’m not saying the Brown campaign placed this piece. What I’m saying is that the piece itself is a huge spin on what went down. It’s naive, IMHO, to think otherwise.

    You can say whatever you like about me….and have in so far as you’ve characterized “Hackett backers/Brown bashers”. You’ve claimed I’m by association all attitude and all opinion. WTF else is a blog anyway?

    I’d rather be arm in arm with you too brother, and hope to…but not at the expense of accepting what happened as OK. I want to take our country back and gain a Senate seat as well. It is my opinion that our current leadership has just sabotaged that effort and I’m not even sure if you and I joined arm and arm and went forth we could even change that. I hear smart money in Washington is not on Brown – and I sadly don’t disagree. This thing has been poorly managed from the get-go.

  • Eric

    Sorry Jill. Dave got me all flustered and made me say “It is my opinion”…of course it is my opinion! All of this shit is!

    And Dave, yes, given your post my characterization of it is that you “bought the bullshit hook, line, and sinker”. That is my opinion of the piece and you seemed to buy it. Sorry that is harsh.

  • JeanLR

    HACKETT: I may not like the fact that it unrolled this way with me. That?s life. Given the choice, I?d rather see Sherrod Brown as my next Senator?Why do I want to hurt him if we can get him elected. I?m not suggesting that I want to go hunting with him or fishing with him?I don?t have to like him personally. I have to like his politics?I?m proud to say that I?m a team player?Everybody who is upset about this, get over it now and let?s work hard to get Democrats on the ticket elected. They may not be perfect, but they are better in most cases than the alternative. Certainly in Ohio that?s the case. So, all that are spun about it, let?s make sure all the Democrats that make in on the ticket this Fall get elected in Ohio. And that?s improvement. And they will ultimately improve the process and make America better for all of us.

    SOURCE: Randi Rhodes Show (2/15/06)

  • Eric

    Thanks Jean! That’s helpful. Paul was being conciliatory the day after having to make the decision to get out due to getting knifed in the back. Maybe he slept on it and realized if he didn’t speak up, we’d lose the party to insiders forever.

    I wonder what he’d think of the case being made that Brown is the victim now?

  • AmberCat

    It seems like Brown is trying everything he can to lose. And he will. It’s really not worth wasting any more energy, time or money on. Each day that goes back makes it more obvious the guy doesn’t have the qualities he needs.

    Let’s look elsewhere. Petro being busted in pay-to-play schemes, Blackwell awarding unbid contracts to his lawyer buddy who worked with him on his anti-gay crusade. And whoa- what’s this? Hundreds of Ohio social security numbers accidentally posted on the Secretary of State’s website? Oh, not so good for Blackwell! And now Petro and Blackwell are sharing an endorsment from Cincinnati’s right to life group? That must make Blackwell made since he worked so hard to keep it all to himself, coming out in favor of denying women the right to an abortion to save their own lives. I’m betting Ohioans are not going to be so impressed to hear that!

    Let’s win where we can and wash our hands of Brown. And pray he doesn’t sink Strickland. But the way Petro and Blackwell are going, I think it’ll be hard (Even though someone I work with is convinced that both Petro and Strickland are wasting their time because Blackwell will just steal the election, I am not quite that bleakly pessimistic).

    I’ll bet the Ohio GOP is wishing right now that a brand-new governor candidate would drop out of the sky!

  • Eric,

    First, congratulations on the DNC Blog picking up your Ney post today! Great job!

    “Circumstantial evidence” is not fact nor proof which was the exact point of my post today. Sure, I knew the controversial (at least to some bloggers) nature of the opinion piece I posted and linked to, but it was clearly labeled by me and on the original site as opinion.

    The fact that you took the phrase “Hackett Backer/Brown Basher” to mean you is all on you. The post referenced no blogger in particular and the phrase wasn’t linked to anyone. I really don’t understand how you can characterize my intention in using that phrase to mean you. If you thought it did and you thought I meant you that’s your opinion, but I don’t think you should blame me for your opinion which has no factual basis to support it. I don’t participate in personally directed attacks against others for their opinions. Lastly, I admire your work and your blog and while we may diagree over the whole Brown/Hackett circumstance wouldn’t ever lash out at you in that way. Something you maybe losing sight of given all the passion this controversy seemingly stirs is that fundamentally we’re on the same side.

    I have no problem with a blog being all opinion and attitude, but don’t agree with those who present their opinions and call them facts. Again this was the over-riding theme of the part of today’s post that I wrote as commentary on the opinion piece in the Athens news.

    Even though we’ve never met (we missed each other at the Hackett Headquarters opening and Volunteer recruitment meeting here in Columbus as I’m sure you remember) I’ve always considered you a “brother-in arms. When brother turns against brother . . . well, as I posted earlier this week a “House Divided Cannot Stand.

    I would hope that somehow we could together become a part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem. Any ideas?


  • Americain

    “… we need to focus on the race against Mike Dewine not this Democratic circular firing squad…”

    A circular firing squad of Brown’s making I might add. He was warned that this exact thing would happen. Oh well.

  • Eric

    Dave, we’re good. I didn’t mean it as a personal attack that you bought in to that article’s bullshit, just pointing out I thought you did and I thought it bullshit. I admire greatly what you do as well and look forward to meeting.

    Ideas? Yes. I would like Brown to own up to what has happened and for both Brown and Hackett to very publicly bury the hatchet – and I’d like to be there. I fear this needed to happen on February 15th, so part of me is lost on what to do now.

  • AmberCat

    I think it’s interesting that the only thing that gets much response here is the ongoing dispute over Hackett and Brown which is weird, since Hackett is gone and Brown has as good as lost the election, and isn’t helping himself in any way. We ought to be focusing on this deluge of revelations coming out about Petro and Blackwell and also on gathering together our ammo to take out Montgomery whose run for attorney-general, frankly, is a travesty, given her lax oversight in her current office and her complete involvement in all the current state scandals. The Republicans are clearly counting on a familiar name trumping everything else. We need to look at everything we’ve got to sink the statewide ticket in its entirety (I think the Senate race will be a whole separate ballgame unless Brown starts getting his act together). That includes the BWC scandals and Tom Noe, the oversight failure, the convicted sitting governor with the 14% approval rating that the current crop of candidates supported until his misdeeds were virtually ground in their faces, the extremism of the “religious” right forces supporting Blackwell, and on and on.

    Blackwell especially is loading up on negatives. This social security number thing may seem piddling but it’s the kind of thing people GET and that TV news has been panicking them about for years. Another huge negative is his push to criminalize ALL abortions, including those to save a mother’s life. He’s out of step with even the vast majority of evangelicals on that one.

    I think we, as some of the more politically informed people, also need to start studying and promoting people like Brunner and Chandra who can WIN their respective races.

    This Hackett-Brown thing isn’t going anywhere good.

  • Eric

    I agree with that last comment and will do my part in what you suggest. Been thinking the same thing lately. I’m sure those of us who watch the Senate race go down in flames will then get blamed for the fire…

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