LMAO. This one killed me. An anonymous tipster sent me photos of the latest thing Bob Ney is giving out for his campaign. You won’t (or, likely given the current Republican culture in Ohio WILL) believe it:

Ney Tees

Golf tees? Bob! WTF are you thinkin’? I’m sure nobody is going to point this out to you:

Ney’s Golf Trip Fact vs. Fiction

Yeah, I’m sure that will never happen. LOL. Unreal.

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  • Born without a sense of irony … or for that matter, any sense at all.

  • Andrew

    Acutely aware that his money and support come from the elite Ohio country club set, Ney is simply re-ass-erting that he’s one of them, not one of the hoi polloi. And in the Kenneth Blackwell era of a GOP-dominated state legislature, he seems ominously secure in his belief that he will win again. Can anyone in Ohio say: “Black box voting machines controlled by GOP-allied defense contractors guarantee the popular “vote” will support lies, white collar criminals and corruption, no matter the people’s expressed will”. You want justice, campaign like citizens possessed to remove these machines and replace them with a paper-based, auditable and transparent state and federal elections process the dirty scum cannot manipulate. Then the popular effort to change the balance of power in the Ohio state open sewer, er, legislature will be manifest, and the Ohio citizenry can rejoin the ranks of those Americans who are represented by legitimately elected officials.

    Whaddaya think?

  • Future K.

    In my (majority) blue-collar neck of the woods (Trumbull and Mahoning counties), we don’t consider golf to be “elitist,” just “enjoyable.” The same guys who go deer hunting in the fall leave the factory early to get in an extra 9 holes in the summer. I worked at McDonald’s 60 hours a week for minimum wage and spent a great deal of my rare leisure time on the free course nearby… You really shouldn’t stereotype, and it doesn’t do any tangible good to go negative.

  • Eric

    Future K,

    The only point I’m making – and you are probably responding to Andrew – is that you don’t give away golf tees if you are in the middle of a golfing scandal.

  • WOW this is really amazing. How idiotic can someone be to go out and give golf tees for their congressional campaign when they are under investigation for a golf trip. Oh Abramoff must be signing on him now just because of the idotic move he made.

    Great find.


  • Mr. Ney,
    Thank you so much. I couldn’t have voted you out any faster myself. Quit ignoring the Border War in Texas, or go there to golf and show us it’s fine. Might wanna take Mr. Kaloogian with you to take pictures!


  • Alice Gould Butts

    Where is the effort in Cleveland to respond to Howard Dean’s request for biggest canvass ever on April 29th? I try to plug in and get “nothing in your area” That’s totally unbelievable to me.

  • Ryan Burch

    this message is to Alice Gould Butts:
    Start a canvassing group! If you see nothing, then put yourself out there as an organizer. Maybe when other people see that someone has started a canvass group, they will join you. I understand how it is; It’s like a luncheon at work. No one wants to go first. But the fact that you are looking shows that you have the initiative to get something going. No one ever said the road to change will be an easy one, but with all of us giving a little, we WILL accomplish anything we put our minds to.
    Have a nice day,

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