From the daily archives: Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Cryin’ won’t help you, prayin’ won’t do you no good,
Now, cryin’ won’t help you, prayin’ won’t do you no good,
When the levee breaks, mama, you got to move.

“I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees”

You sure George?

(hat tip C&L)

AP Gets Video: Bush Warned Fully About Katrina

Update – Nagin responds:

“It surprises me that if there was that kind of awareness, why was the response so slow?” said Nagin, whose city was devastated when the storm struck on Aug. 29 and sparked massive flooding.


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The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a bill that would eliminate nearly 200 state and local food safety laws. Backed by food industry lobbyists, the bill, which has never been the subject of congressional hearings, would effectively dissolve critical food safety protections in all 50 states that are not identical to federal standards. Many of these food safety laws, however, are more stringent than federal laws.

H.R. 4167, the so-called “National Uniformity for Food Act” is the one you want to urge a no vote on. What a pleasant, reasonable sounding name for a bill. […]

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Damn this guy gets it. Is there anyone today that gets to the heart of the matter more quickly than Jon Stewart. This is the best:

My mind has been blown just so consistently by this administrations insistence on their own competence, without ever sort of delivering kind of any sort of evidence to that

(hat tip C&L)

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Wow. Sit down. The spin on this one is intense. Sherrod Brown is the victim of smears by Hackett and his supporters. Anyone recognize this technique? Sounds very Bush/Rove/Orwellian to me. Accuse the other side of precisely what it is you did to them and claim the high ground. Give me a -bleep- break! Hey, i’m in a good mood and family friendly today. So I didn’t really need this, yet here it is:

Wearing Thin: Hackett a victim of Dems’ disgusting commitment to winning in November

Terry Smith in The Athens News posits that we Hackett backers should […]

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LMAO. This one killed me. An anonymous tipster sent me photos of the latest thing Bob Ney is giving out for his campaign. You won’t (or, likely given the current Republican culture in Ohio WILL) believe it:

Golf tees? Bob! WTF are you thinkin’? I’m sure nobody is going to point this out to you:

Ney’s Golf Trip Fact vs. Fiction

Yeah, I’m sure that will never happen. LOL. Unreal.

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(Cleveland) – Bryan Flannery, Democratic candidate for Governor of Ohio, announced today the launch of a new campaign website designed to engage visitors and supporters in the discussion about Ohio?s future.

Site is at

How viable will this campaign be? It’s good to see a primary, but I’m not thinking this is the one Ohio Democratic voters wanted. Julie doesn’t think they should use football references. Being successful leads to being popular – always has. Politics is a popularity contest. They go hand in hand. If you don’t use your sports success to open a car […]

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Greetings via wifi from Mean Bean in lovely dowtown Delaware, Ohio. After only 2 Microsoft blue screens, I’m up and running. I got to thinking last night after reading about Bush’s surprise visit to Afghanistan how much things change with time. When I was a kid hanging out on a farm in a little river town in Kentucky, an afghan was something my grandmother would throw over her legs to keep them warm. Now, it’s part of this global war on terror. Who knew? I think I like Mammy’s checkered blanket better.

So the POTUS is in Afghanistan actually mentioning […]

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