The more I think about this UAE port deal, the more I think it is a straw man. Think about it. What do the Republicans need now going into the 2006 election season? Separation from Bush. He’s down right nucular at this point with rock bottom job approval numbers.

The UAE port deal gives them an issue that they can stand up and disagree with the POTUS on and gain such separation. Dems only enhance that by jumping up and down and screaming about it. This leaves open the playbook for the Dem opposition to not only be neutralized, but for the positions of Republicans in key races to be bolstered by standing up and opposing a lame ass president.

With as much as this administration has been ruling with fear and loathing of terrorism and evil doers, it just seems fishy that they’d honestly try to sell this. I smell a double reverse.

That’s not to say that Dems should not be raising a stink, but they will have trouble gaining traction and could lose all the political momentum if they break containment and allow the Republicans to get the reverse off clean. Sherrod is right to be out in front of this one (missed ya on the Hackett thing there bro), but it remains to be seen how this will play out. This could be the beginning of the Bush separation the Republicans so desperately need. How can we make sure that doesn’t happen?

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