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They touch upon (gloss over really) the primary debacle, but Brown stops fully short of giving those on the blogs and in the grassroots what they’ve been asking for. Sounds like the same old to me…damn. Even puts out the bogus “behind in polls” argument. I wish Jerry knew enough to ask him about the same poll that indicated Paul would pull ahead when both positive messages get out there. Sheesh. OH02 wants a MTB kiss and make up, which will never happen but would probably go south anyways.

PS: What polls have Brown ahead of DeWine? Did I miss those? – ah, yes. The DSCC one…not Rasmussen.

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  • If it did go south that would be cool to. A podcasted blowup. What a hoot.

  • Eric

    Hey, you know I’d be there. Might even have to get a vid cam. But seriously, it’s not a bad idea at all and if everyone came into it with a common objective (ie leave as united as possible) it could also work.

    My hope is, like I posted, that Sherrod gives me a reason. I’m open to it. But I need leadership and I need straight talking. The way in which it has to be done can’t be discounted. If those jilted even sense a lack of sincerity they will put up a wall. Sherrod and Paul need to get together behind the scenes and work it out first, then go public and get us behind that.

    For the sake of saving what should be insane momentum going into ’06, I hope it happens.

  • as i said at Oh02, as a gesture of goodwill and in order to protect my own personal sanity, i officially recuse myself from this proposed MTB. going the extra mile for peace in our time. shalom.

  • i feel a refrain of kum ba ya coming on…

  • I say we lock them in a room together. Nobody else. Do the old sitcom “locked in a storeroom together” episode.

    And yeah, record it.

  • My understanding Dan Lucas left Brown’s campaign on Sunday according to peedee open. That should have been the day Brown tried to mend fences with Hackett. That was the opportune time. Too bad that did NOT happen.

  • Eric

    Yeah, what needed to happen is for Dan to be hung out to dry publicly – not very quietly. I think that and a token gesture is all Paul is looking for.

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